Could you use support to plan your week intentionally, celebrate wins, and brainstorm issues so you can reach your goals?

The Planner's Partnership Offers a Weekly Moderated Support Group and More!

What is included in the Partnership:

Weekly Planning and Goal Setting Sessions Every Wednesday at 7:30 am PST

Access to All Available Planner Pages

Coming Soon: Lectures on Planning and Productivity Related Subjects

Special Beta Launch Pricing, Limited Time:
Just $19.97 per month!
For the price of one meal out, you get 6 hours per month of group support!

What To Expect

One and a half hour meetings each week consisting of:

-A 5 minute intro and wins for the week. (may be done in small groups)

-A 20 minute discussion about how your planning and execution went and what your goal you have for the next week. (may be done in small groups)

-30 minutes of quiet planning time where we each work to get our planners filled out and our week set up for success.

-A short 5 minute conclusion, followed by an optional 20-30 minutes of discussion.

The above times are approximate and may be adjusted as needed.

Do you have trouble reaching your goals?

We all want to reach our goals. The best way to reach our goals is to have a plan and take steps towards them consistently.

But planning and consistency are harder for some people than others. Sometimes we get distracted, overcommitted, overwhelmed, or just feel like we don't have support.

 By having a designated weekly planning time and a group of people who care about our success holding us accountable, it's much easier to finally reach those goals!

Who This Is For

This is for you if:

1. You are struggling to reach your goals

2. You have too much to do, don't pause, need to plan your week intentionally

3. You have ADHD and have trouble staying focused on what is important

4. You struggle to work at home and get things done without an imposed schedule

5. You have trouble breaking your goals into achievable pieces

6. You just like the idea of having a cheering section as you work towards your goals

How This Helps

It is easy to jump into your week without a plan. You may accomplish a lot but you may not do the things that are most important to you.
Planning your week with at least one goal set out intentionally in steps that do not feel overwhelming can have an amazing impact on your productivity and on your feelings of success and accomplishment.
Having a group holding you accountable for taking those steps and supporting you in coming up with a planning system that works for you is also an amazing tool.

Are you tired of struggling alone?

If you have struggled to plan and reach goals on your own but aren't succeeding,
it's time to accept that you need and deserve support.
Sign up and get that support weekly right here!

Lorian Adams left a career in Ranch Management and Pet Care when a chronic medical condition made it too difficult to do the job she loved. She drifted for a time while trying to figure out how to work and contribute while dealing with medically related physical and mental challenges. Focusing, planning and executing plans were some of those challenges. She created planners that helped, but it wasn't until she had group support and accountability that she really saw improvement. While talking to others, she realized that many people struggle to plan and execute their plans regularly for a variety of reasons, and she is recreating the environment that led to success for her in order to help you achieve the same results.

Get the support you deserve!