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A moderated support group to brainstorm any issues and plan your week intentionally!

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        “When I first started thinking about digging deeper into my planning process, I was completely in the mindset of getting from day to day, week to week, month to month… In other words, I was literally in a constant state of ‘putting out fires’. So, you can imagine what my business felt like each day… Lorian guided me to see planning from a new mindset. Starting with getting clear on what I am wanting to achieve and wrapping my goals in an intention that keeps me focused on the big picture… Now, my planning feels easeful, I celebrate every win… And the ’smell of smoky fires’ are no longer a part of my work day!…” 

        —Denise Wilbanks | This Is My Everybody

        "I have found it very impactful to be a part of Lorian’s Planner Paradise membership. Just the shear act of speaking out my intentions has helped me to follow through with my plans. In just a short amount of time, Lorian has been a tremendous help to me and my business. I have accomplished more in the past 90 days, than I ever thought possible. I have really enjoyed the camaraderie between the other women in the group and genuinely look forward to our meetings each week. I highly recommend this membership, it’s wonderful for accountability as well as meeting and being a part of other people's journeys trying to accomplish their goals in life."

        —Christy Beard | Virtually Structured